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Online Induction Courses

Introduce new employees and contractors to your organisation via an interactive and engaging online corporate induction program. Online inductions provide a leading edge way of delivering essential company information to your new staff members in a consistent manner and provide a perfect compliment to the more personal meet and greet components of an induction program.


Options to suit your organisation…

 HHR Learn offers organisations a range of options in the implementation and management of your onlinenduction course. These options include:

1.    Accessing the HHR Learn Standard Induction Course from the HHR Learn website/LMS.

2.    Licensing the Powerhouse LMS course and the HHR Learn Courses including the Standard Induction Course, this gives you the ability to create your own customised induction and other training courses.

3.    HHR Learn custom build an online induction course for you, which can be accessed via your selected source, eg HHR Learn website, your existing LMS, licence the Powerhouse LMS, or DVD.

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