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Performance & Development Reviews for Managers


Training of managers and employees is critical for the effective use of any performance review and development system.  This course trains managers in how to conduct effective performance reviews and employees in how to get the most out of the performance review.  

More extensive training is required for managers who will conduct the review discussions, including: identifying and writing performance objectives, adapting corporate objectives to the individual/team, discussion and questioning techniques, training/education support, handling difficult discussions, equity issues, etc. 

As the course is not tailored to your particular circumstances, it should not be treated as legal advice. 


At the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the performance review and development cycle.
  • Write objectives for the year.
  • Create a development plan.
  • Conduct a quarterly review.
  • Prepare effectively for the performance review and development meeting.
  • Utilise appropriate interpersonal skills throughout the meeting.
  • Review performance against set objectives and behavioural competencies. 


60 minutes (nominal)

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