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Compliance Online Induction

Standard Induction Course

Our standard compliance induction course is beneficial for general awareness in all industries and across all organisational levels. It is written in easy-to-understand language, and provides a solid foundation for improved risk management across any organisation.

Our standard compliance induction is designed to provide employees and contractors with vital knowledge about:

- Legislative requirements.

- Minimum standards of behaviour.

- The benefits of complying with these standards.

- Real-life scenarios and workplace case studies demonstrating breaches of compliance.

- What to do if they are involved.

Due to the compliance nature of this course, a formal assessment is included at the end of the course to test knowledge. There are also examples and knowledge checks throughout the course.

Additional topics are available to be added to the standard induction course, including but not limited to:

- Workplace Health and Safety

- Discrimination and Harassment

- Ethics and Conduct

- Recruitment and Selection

- Performance Development and Review

- Competition and Consumer Act

- Fraud

- Whistleblower

- Fair Work Act

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