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At HHR Learn we're devoted to delivering high quality HR, legal and compliance training - online. We're helping organisations provide their employees with reliable and useful training, no matter where they're located.  Whether you're looking for generic compliance training, a fast turnaround on a simple project or a complete end-to-end solution, we can meet your online learning needs. 

A passion for e-learning design:

Our e-learning design embeds deep learning and skills to deliver proven business benefits.
Choice in delivery:

Our solutions can be delivered from our own platform, Mediasphere’s Powerhouse LMS, clients’ own LMS, or launched stand-alone, on CD or memory stick.
Commitment to e-learning accessibility:

All solutions are guaranteed to meet industry standards for accessibility in e-learning, making our solutions available to all.
Generic e-learning:

Not all clients want or need a fully tailored e-learning service. So if you're looking for generic e-learning, see Our Courses for our range of generic products.